Have Fun, But Stay Safe!

Covid-19 Update (October 27, 2020)

Hi Everyone. Right now, we want to emphasize that we are hosting the so-called 'Bubble Party', meaning there will not be kids they're meeting for the very first time, or in a long while. At the Kid's Market, we're now making Masks Mandatory for Adults. This is especially true for weekends. Also, if for example you're inviting only 6 kids (our package includes 8), then we'll provide you with the Bonus 2 More Admission Passes to be used in the future. And of course, we are continuing to make available our Private After Hours Bubble Party.

Our Kid's Arcade & Prize Zone

In the Circuit Circus Games Zone, children earn tickets by mastering various games of timing & coordination (like Skee-Ball, Monster Drop, and a giant sized Fruit Ninja game.). There are over 50 games to choose from, with a broad range of challenge for all age groups.
Then they "buy" their prizes at our generously supplied Prize Zone. This is where kids' eyes really light up, as they haggle for prizes with their hard-earned tickets.
And Check out the latest and greatest exciting games at our Kid's Arcade (click on the pictures to animate some of the Boomerangs of these games below):

Ping Pong Ball shooting game

Shoot real ping pong balls at approaching Ogres, bats, rogue robots, and other nasties. Feel the rat tat tat of a ping pong Gatlan gun. Check it out!

Giant fishing game with reel for 6 players at a time

Catch the Shark, win a treasure chest of tickets! - (will be ready in 2 weeks time, as of September 19, 2017)

Head to Head Whack a Frog game

Whack that pesky frog, and he goes down with a satisfying 'plop'. Compete for tickets!

Re-opening Covid-19 Rules & Procedures

1. Both Adults and Kids are required to use Washing Stations at both ends of Kids market upstairs and downstairs. Frequent washing of hands is key. Sanitizers also available at VARIOUS.

2. Waivers need to be signed confirming pre-conditions of each child and / or parent entering the playground.

3. All those entering playground will be checked for: Any Flu Symptoms (dry cough, sore throat, body ache, shortness of breath), and foreheads temperatures will be measured with IR contactless thermometer.

4. Clear Plexiglass shield used at Cash Register and Ticket Counting Station

5. Limit of 1 family group inside playground at any one time, for 20 minutes at a time

6. Playground ballpit closed.

7. Promotional offer for a Limited Time

All birthday party guests must also sign Waiver, minimize direct contact, following BC Health Daycare Center / School Rules.

All Kinds of Fun? Just Check it out...

Did you know... Adventure Zone as part of Kids Market was rated as one of the top 10 places for families with children to visit in Vancouver by the Tourism Board of Vancouver. Check it out!
Come on down to see our brand new Adventure Playground! It's a Multi-level Indoor Jungle Gym with Multi-level Fun! And check out our brand new attraction, called i-Floor!

"I'd rather be at the Adventure Zone!" - a great endorsement made by AZ regular, 2 year old Matthew, when he found himself at Disneyland, but longed for the fun he had closer to home...

Come on down to experience

‚ÄčAll in one place: our Arcade, Party Zone, & Prize Zone areas...


Circuit Circus Games Center

Large 6 player coin pusher game

Party Zone Pinball

Sand Art

Pirate's Hook & Spongebob Pineapple Arcade


Finding a place to park is not daunting at all. Yes we are located at Granville Island, but free parking is in fact abundantly available, especially earlier in the day 10am - 12pm and in the late afternoon on weekdays. On weekends, turnover is high, so if you simply 'lurk' at any of the small lots and side streets nearby (just keep going a bit past Kids Market on Cartwright street), you will likely find someone leaving. Just look for the "3H" (3 Hour) Parking Signs.

Joining the train of cars circling the island may not be the optimal way to go, though. And, available pay parking is always going to be easier to find.

There are, of course, many alternative modes of transport in and around Kids Market and Granville Island. You can arrive by Aquabus ferry (docking by the Public Market) or cycle onto the island via the False Creek Seawall Bike path that encircles the entire False Creek area. It makes for a unique and personable way of getting to Kids Market. More information is available here.

You can find more information on Parking on Granville Island

Online Booking Form

To inquire about booking a party, you might prefer to speak with someone (a live human who responds to questions!)
Also note we're not quite so swamped on weekdays, but we realize weekends are the only the option for many of you.

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